Tip 198 – Get a Double Even if you Only Have One Kid

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Tip 121 – Get Ready to Potty Train BEFORE you Potty Train

The best time to potty train is a matter of much debate.  The rule of thumb is two-and-a-half years old, but your child may be ready earlier or later.  However, the more your child understands and anticipates the joy of going diaperless, the easier it will be.  Start reading books about potty training to your child, such as these:


Tip 122 – Create Potty Anticipation

A full-sized toilet is BIG and SCARY.  It is tall and the hole is huge.  It is hard to climb onto the seat, and kids may be scared that they will fall off or fall in.  Instead of trying to encourage your child to sit on a potty – any potty – let him or her discover a potty and want to sit on it, pee in it, or otherwise use it.  Let your child unbox their own potty, but tell them that it is not time for potty training.  They need to wait until they are old enough.  Old enough can come in just a few days, preferably on the Friday of a long weekend.


Tip 72 – Lego!

Buy the bigger, easier to use, version of Lego – Duplo.  You don’t need a princess castle or a complex fort; you just need a box of parts and a child’s imagination.  Here’s a box of parts to start with, but you’ll want more.


Tip 212 – You Need Ziplock Bags

If you think about it for a few minutes, you can come up with at least a hundred uses for ziplock bags.  I’ll get us started with ideas by pointing out a few facts: (1) babies poop, (2) babies pee, (3) babies have binkies, (4) babies need wet wipes, (5) babies need snacks, (6) babies need stuff that needs to stay clean.  Think of ziplock bags like this – bags isolate dirty things from clean things and clean things from dirty things.  Got a dirty diaper? Put it in a ziplock.  Got a binkie?  Put it in a ziplock?  Need to take baby wipes on the road?  Put them in a ziplock.  Keep extra socks, extra beanies, extra shirts, extra blankies, and extra everything else in ziplock bags so your life will be easier and your baby things will be cleaner.  When baby spits up, pees, poops, or otherwise soils something, just put the thing in a ziplock bag before taking the item to its final location.  If you have a nice person to run errands for you, send the person to the dollar store to stock up on ziplock bags.  If {fill in the blank} is a lazy good-for-nothing who won’t even go to the dollar store to get you a few simple things, you can buy a bunch of bags with the following link.

Tip 213 – Wipe Warmers are Great

Wipe warmers are great.  So, maybe you will never use the warm baby wipe on your baby, but trust me, you NEED warm baby wipes.  How can I explain this?  Warm wipes can be used on persons other than the baby.  What does episiotomy mean?  It seems to have something to do with the fact that EVERY mom needs warm “baby” wipes, even if never used on a baby.  It’s nice to have a wipe warmer with a light.



Tip 216 – Help Your Family Relieve Some Guilt

Your mom should help watch the baby.  Your sister should help clean your house.  Your best friend should run errands for you.  Your family and friends SHOULD be helping you with the baby.  Your family and friends WANT to help with the baby, but they have their own responsibilities.  They feel guilty that they are not helping enough.  Help them relieve their guilt.  Help your family and friends feel better about leaving all the work to you.  Let your family have basic necessities delivered to your house at great prices.  Don’t go diaper shopping; let your family and friends have diapers delivered to your house.  Help them relieve their guilt by helping them find the perfect baby wipe warmer.  Sign up for a baby gift registry.  Whether your baby is six days, six months, or six years, you should still have items listed in your baby registry.  Sign up here for free.  Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Tip 217 – Stop Brain Rot

Here you are, the wonderful mother of a bassinette (or floor) full of wiggling (or crawling or toddling), beautiful, lovable, poop machines.  Whether you have one bundle of joy or several bundles in different stages of growth and adorableness, you give it your all.  However, your vocabulary has been reduced to that of a three-year-old and your entire day’s social interaction has been reduced to patty-cake, peek-a-boo, and rousing bouts of the wheels on the bus.  Your brain has begun to rot as you pass your knowledge on to the next generation.  Stop brain rot by pouring intelligence directly into your brain using this link: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks