Tip 102 – Bigger Skates

School functions, birthday parties, outings in the park – your kid has probably been invited to skate on multiple occasions.  Hopefully, he already knows how to skate.  If he doesn’t, here are the basics: Tighten the wheels on the skates so they barely turn, put two pairs of socks on your child, put the skates on tightly, and let your child walk around on the carpet.  Stay away from coffee tables or any other hard objects.  Practice should be in an open area.  After your child is completely comfortable walking with skates on, progress to wooden floors or the sidewalk while the wheels are still tight.  Slowly loosen the wheels one at a time until your child naturally progresses to skating.  Note that these skates are unisex and adjustable.  Skates should be part of the hand-me-down system.  Don’t forget the helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads.


Tip 212 – You [Still] Need Ziplock Bags

If you think about it for a few minutes, you can come up with at least a hundred uses for ziplock bags.  School supplies, snacks, craft items, kleenex, sunscreen… ziplock bags are the mom’s ducktape.  Think of ziplock bags like this – bags isolate dirty things from clean things and clean things from dirty things.  It is usually best to get these from the dollar store, but you can also buy a bunch of bags with the following link.

Tip 213 – Wipe Warmers are [Still] Great

Wipe warmers are great.  Your baby is potty trained, so you may have to finally admit that warm wipes are actually for mom.  It’s nice to have a wipe warmer with a light.


Tip 217 – Stop Brain Rot

Here you are, the wonderful mother of a bassinette (or floor) full of wiggling (or crawling or toddling), beautiful, lovable, poop machines.  Whether you have one bundle of joy or several bundles in different stages of growth and adorableness, you give it your all.  However, your vocabulary has been reduced to that of a three-year-old and your entire day’s social interaction has been reduced to patty-cake, peek-a-boo, and rousing bouts of the wheels on the bus.  Your brain has begun to rot as you pass your knowledge on to the next generation.  Stop brain rot by pouring intelligence directly into your brain using this link: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks