Can Opener

“Regular” can openers are hard to use and leave a jagged edge.  Electric can openers take up counter space and leave a jagged edge.  I can’t really describe the miracle of this can opener, but once you get one like it, you’ll never return to tradition.  It simply pops off the lid without great effort or jagged edges.  Frankly, it really doesn’t look like it will work, but once you try one of these, you’ll never go back. I got my smooth-edge can opener from a local overstock store for less than ten bucks.  If you can find one in a store, grab it.  I found an even better one online, which you can order here.

Sous Vide

There are hundreds of sous vide machines online.  Below is one of them, but don’t necessarily buy the model I mention.  Look around and pick one that meets your needs.   I got mine at a Black Friday sale and it quickly became a kitchen essential for me. Here is the basic concept of sous vide machines – take a cheap piece of meat, keep it in warm water for a long time, get a great, fully-cooked gourmet delight.  The machine can also cook veggies, eggs, and other things.  Think of it as a crockpot on supercharge.  Plan your meal, drop it in the water, and come back to deliciousness.  Google sous vide.  Look at sous vide videos.  Buy a sous vide.  You’ll never regret the decision.

Vacuum Sealer

Eat leftovers tomorrow or eat a “fresh cooked” food in two months.  If the food is vacuum packed, it can be saved until long after it has been forgotten.  Buy meat in bulk without worrying about freezer burn.  Keep stinky fish in the refrigerator without the smell spreading to the peach pie.  A vacuum sealer is also very helpful for sous vide cooking.

Gotta Have Some Fun

Game night with the family!